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Extension Tube

Project up to 600% Attach this Extension Tube to your 300XK and project your 6" x 4" photo right up to a massive 36" x 24" vertically down onto your table top.
Reduction Lens

Reduce to 50% Compose interesting pictures by incorporating images from a variety of sources or simply reduce your original to 50% of its size with this reduction lens (300XK and KD200).
Projector Platform

Project horizontally with ease and stability. Attach this Projector Platform to your camera tripod and rest your projector (300XK or KD200) on it for easy horiztonal projections.


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14" x 20" baseboard attaches simply to your projector stand.
Table Clamp

Use your desktop as your drawing board. Clamp your projector stand to your table and use your whole desk as your work area. Particularly useful when using the 300XK and Extension Tube.
Spare Lamps

Project in true color with these color corrected lamps for your projectors.