Project Designs from Books without Removing the Page

Order OnlineDecorating cakes from images you, or your customer, have seen in a book is simple with the Kopyrite projector.

Kopyrite has a unique head design which allows for a book to be placed over the open door to project the image directly onto your cake. You then simply size and focus the image before outlining with an art brush or piping jel.

Alternatively you can simply place your image (max size 6" x 6") into the projector head and project it down onto the top of your cake.

Kopyrite will enlarge your original image up to 400% or reduce it to 70% directly onto your cake.

300w of color corrected illumination ensure a bright image is projected down onto your cake decorating board and cake so you don't have to work in a completely dark area; you then simply outline the image in minutes with an art brush, piping jel or icing. The 40cfm cooling fan helps protect your image.

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